Any hope to get native weather support?

I’ve been playing around with Weather Underground and noticing its not that great. Any hope to get native weather support or know of a better way to get weather date?

Great request :woman_technologist:t3: What kind of things would you use it for? Can you give us some examples? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Mainly focused on energy savings projects! Want to automate curtains, thermostat useage, and a few smart plugs to start with by using a combination of my time-of-use energy costs, outdoor temp, outdoor condition (sunny, rainy, cloudy etc), and indoor temp to reduce energy useage.

But hope to get some bigger projects like garden watering under my belt eventually


Yeah, I’ve been using Weather Underground as well and the updates are not reliable at all. Might be best to get yourself a Netamo weather station or IoT light sensor or similar, so that you can create your own triggers?

O M G the WU weather updates are AWFUL : (

I use Netamo for external temperature to control my indoor themostate and I have luminosity sensors from smart things for lighting

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Even worse than I thought! The odd update I do receive has the from AND to weather condition in so that’s an interesting string variable compare function to come up with :cowboy_hat_face: