Animal recognition

Hi there Apilio Community! Bit of an odd request but does anyone know of any product or service that recognises different types of animal and sends through detection alert information via API/IFTTT/webhooks etc? I’m trying to determine if a cow :cow: enters a barn for food so I can go down and check its tag number. Thanks!

The only thing I know that comes close is Netatmo Security. But it can tell only animals, cars and humans apart.


Instead of recognising the animal, what about recognising that an animal has entered the barn and also is using the area where the food is? (of course, only works if just the cows are interested in that type of food!)

What about using two presence sensors? One is by the door, and one is by the food that the cows like. If someone enters the barn, then the second sensor is not triggered. But if an animal enters and then goes over to a specific area within a set amount of time, then you get the notification? :thinking:

The next thing is fitting each cow with a wireless tag sensor :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yeah, thanks @Anna it I need to know it’s a cow as I don’t want to run down there for a deer, fox or chicken eating the food. The way those cows abuse their tags I doubt a wireless tag will work but I bet they exist (and that Philipp’s probably using one already somehow).

Hmmn, not quite granular enough but thanks for the suggestion @ the :mage: