Add new comparision for numeric condition: Not equals / Different

I think that is a necessary operator for have a completely manage of the numeric conditions.
If doesn’t have an option to negate a condition, we need the different comparison.



I also needed the “is/not empty” condition.

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Can you give us a an example of how you’d like to configure it?

If the var day is different of 3.

I have a var with the week day. And I want a condition for execute all the days except the day 3. I can do this condition with greater than and minor than, but will be to much easier with de not equals condition.

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Good example, thanks!

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Hi @Lobe and @jp1 !!

We released an update to numeric conditions and you’ll now find a “Not equal to” as well as “equal to” comparison, I think these might be handy for your automations :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion!!

Here’s a summary of all the conditions available as of today:

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I love it when someone else here asks for/wants the same thing I do!

Ooooh I didn’t know about that one @Anna (sneaky!).