Add IFTTT applets to trigger logicblock on entering or exiting an area

Thanks to IFTTT’s recent changes, I’ve converted my own applets for setting variables via sunset and location to use the ones provided by Apilio. (This is in service of an automation that turns on a porch light when I arrive home but only if’s night time.)

There are a few Apilio-supplied applets that run a logicblock in response to certain triggers. Would it be possible to create a couple more using the IFTTT Location service as a trigger? I’m looking for:

When I enter an area, run an Apilio Logicblock
When I exit an area, run an Apilio Logicblock

(Apologies in advance if this already exists, but I cannot find it on this page, which seems like where it ought to be if it exists.)

Hey @chrislangevin,

sure, no problem! Here are the templates as requested:

They eventually will also show up on the page you linked, but it might take some time.

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Hey Chris, just FYI but through experience I have found some of the location service updates to be a bit ahem flaky. I use Google WiFi at home and that has a handy trigger for when a device connects to WiFi. I use that to determine proximity of family members, alongside time of day conditions, to control external lighting control.

Thanks for letting me know your experience, but I’ve been using it for around a year now and I have found it quite reliable. My WiFi also can trigger when devices connect, but I want this light on before I get in WiFi range, so that’s not a great option for me. Regardless, thanks for your input!

Wow, that was fast! Thanks very much for freeing up one of my paltry three IFTTT slots!