Activating a logicblock

Activating a logicblock

I have a variable “motion_front” set to true by an applet.
I have a logicblock where the condition linking is set to “motion_front”
Is this logicblock automaticaly activate when the variable is set to true?
Or do I have to call it with another applet?

if you have auto evaluation ticked it will activate

Thanks, Simple when you know how. I’ll try my first app tonight

I thought I was on a roll & upgraded to the Apilio Essential (yearly) . Then I tried to add an AND condition in my logicblock and it does not appear to work. Is this true or do I have an error in my program?

Sorry to make my last post. It was my error. I had my condition rule set wrong :frowning:


It happens, this is a good platform.

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