Action Chains, Actions for positive result: Value


I’m defining a Logicblock and in Action Chain I’ve chosen Smart Life, I’ve chosen Scene and Action (Poweroff), my question is related to Value! I would like the action to turn off the devise but what should I write in Value?

… or is this action (turn off) only possible via IFTTT?

That looks a bit uncommon. Can you save the action without a value?


No, I can’t save it without an action.

The setup is as follows, I’ve installed a IR (infrared remote control which controls the air conditioner) and a door/window sensor.

The idea is that the door/window sensor sends a command to the IR if the door is left open, asking it to turn off the AC.

The setup works fine using the Smart Life app BUT I’m trying to get Apilio to trigger the Turn-Off demand automatically.

Checking my screenshot it seems that this can be done via Apilio but apparently I have to enter a Value - but I don’t know what value to enter to get Apilio to send the Turn-Off command to the IR.

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Did you try with values 0 and 1 Jens?

The specification for the command is a bit unusual.
It expects a string and suggests “PowerOff” and “PowerOn”.
Can you try with “PowerOff” as Value?

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve tried PowerOff, PowerOn, Poweroff, 0, 1 but nothing is accepted.

The basic idea is that an open door should trigger the IR to turn off the AC. I could e.g. make a scene in Smart Life for each of the ACs but that would result in a lot of Applets.

What would make more sense is e.g. making a Condition for each of the AC/doors and then using Complex Linking under Logicblocks?!?!?

But before making complex solutions I can’t even sort out how to get a single door left open to turn of the relevant AC.

Please advise

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Hey @Jan just reach out to me via Signal whenever convenient to run through together, will probably be quicker.

Hi @Jan ,
I have to check the code at this place.
Will report back here when done…

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Hi Jens,
I had a closer look at the device and it specifies a combination of attributes for commands that I have never seen before.
Can you try with the action “Power Off” and the following value:

{"code"=>"PowerOff", "values"=>"PowerOff"}

If that is still not accepted, can you post a screenshot?
And then try it with a “Custom Action” and the command posted above.

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