Action chain warn still executes

Hi guys,

I’ve configured a “warn” option under the advanced settings for a logic block.
I’ve set the warn time limit to 2 mins.
I’ve configured and connected my IFTTT applet to be triggered and this all seems to work.
So when the logic block evaluates I get the IFTTT notification on my phone.
The problem is even if I acknowledge the IFTTT notification by tapping on it from my phone 2 mins later the actions in the logicblock still execute. See attached.
Am I doing something wrong in how I’ve configured it?

Many thanks,

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Apologies, I have figured it out.
For some reason if I use the pre-built IFTTT applet that’s linked to from the help guide it all works perfectly.
I had configured my own applet and obviously something was incorrect with it as I wasn’t getting the subsequent Apilio popup to say “action will not be executed…”.

All good now :grinning:


That’s great news @joe.ferris, thanks for sharing! Is there any chance you could tell us what you’re doing with it? Thanks!

Hi Dan,

Sure, no problem.
I have an Optimum WiFi immersion heater switch installed which switches my immersion on or off.
This is Tuya compatible so I have it configured in SmartLife which means it’s also available as a device in Apilio.
I have a logic block currently that switches on the immersion in the morning and automatically switches it off again after 30mins which gives me hot water :slight_smile:

This is all good during the spring/summer months when my oil heating isn’t required.
However, now I have an issue in that my NEST thermostat is firing the boiler on the colder mornings (as you would expect) but the immersion is also switching on (so that’s a bit of a waste of energy as the boiler is already giving me hot water).

I’m going to use the warn action chain in Apilio to popup a notification on my phone when the immersion is about to switch on. Then I can make a decision (within 2 mins) whether I should leave it turn on or not.
Ideally I’d prefer to integrate with NEST via an API to know if it turned on or off but as we know they’ve shut that down :frowning:

So this is a good alternative anyway!


Hey Joe, thanks for sharing! That’s super-interesting (for me at least :wink:) as I’m just struggling a little trying to get a Nest 3 working for the first time. It is really REALLY annoying they shut down the API and I am actually considering switching it out with a Tuya alternative for that reason. My current, 2nd most annoying NEST issue, is that my heating only works when my hot water is on but my NEST thermostat only seems to send a CH heating on command automatically - according to its schedule - and not a HW on command as well so actually I have the CH pump running for no reason…grrr. So I have to set my heating and HW schedules to be identical, which is CRAZY! But if I press the manual button on the NEST controller it does turn both on so I know it can do it. This whole episode has really put me off Google stuff, I must admit. It feels like they tried to be so clever with the interface and “AI” :crazy_face: that they forgot what you really need from a thermostat controller. Grrrr again. Anyhow, thanks for sharing, as I said, and sorry you’re also suffering from the NEST API retirement debacle.

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Thanks Dan,

Yes Google’s ecosystem can be frustrating at times. However I have recently installed their NEST WiFi and 3 additional points and I must admit that it’s fantastic - internet connectivity throughout the whole house!
I’m only recovering fully from that SmartLife/Tuya outage a few days ago. The SmartLife linkage disappeared from Google Home so I had to relink and reconnect a number of devices (and I have over 40 devices currently in my home!).

Still all back working again now.

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Yeah I have quite a few of those points, covering outside as well. They’re not perfect but at least the connection to GWiFi can be used via IFTTT as a very accurate/reliable “is any one home?” trigger!

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Hi @joe.ferris ,
would be interesting to find out what is going wrong. So the page with the Apilio confirmation did not open at all? If yes, was the link not delivered or broken?

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