Account suspended 5 minutes (unsure why, IFTTT?)

Hi all, I signed up last week for a trial account and have been tinkering with a couple of logic blocks to 1) check and notify me (via IFTTT) if a door is open and 2) open/close that door (via IFTTT and Google assistant commands).

I just saw in the event logs that my account has been suspended three times today (7/4) for 5 minutes each.

I’m not sure what could be triggering this. May it have something to do with my IFTTT applets re-updating a variable to false when the variable’s state is already false? For logicblock #2, it relies on two boolean variables: is door open state = yes AND Open Door request = yes. Open door request variable state is updated via a Google assistant voice command from IFTTT. Then I have another IFTTT applet to turn that variable to negative immediately after, essentially resetting the state so I can make the voice request again.

If the door is already open, and the logicblock takes a negative result, I have another IFTTT applet that turns the open door request variable to false (again resetting the variable’s state).

Could this be part of the issue triggering my temporary suspensions? If there is a more efficient logic I should employ?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

check your logiblocks and IFTTT the temporary suspension is to stop endless loops


Thank you, that did the trick!