A Security System you never have to arm or disarm

So, I use Ismartalarm and google wifi. If any of our 5 phones are connected to wifi or the alarm variable is otherwise set to false, the alarm is off. It is only set when all 5 phones disconnect from wifi and the variable is set to true. I had this set up in the beta version before and just reset it up at our new home so hope it works well again.

I used to also use this same logic to set the thermostat, but this new house doesn’t have smart thermostats due to the complicated zone system. I am in the dark ages of using a programmable!! Can you imagine?!

I also have ifttt scour my google calendar for certain events to shut alarm off if housecleaners or other guest coming to the house. Just have to keep the calendar up to date.

I’m on the board looking for a way to send a web command to disable manually like I used to do with webhooks. I imagine I will figure it out.

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Hi there, I am not 100% I have understood your question but have you had a look at this article on execution modes? It may help suggest more times to disable to you and you can manually decide if you want to let the action chain run or not. Hope that helps! DanT

Thanks Dan. I figured it out by just using webhooks in IFTTT to communicate to Apilio. In the past I directly sent a command to Apillio via the web, but this works just as well.



Great news Kyle, thanks!