Turn on heating


I’ve purchased a termostate to control the room temperature and I would like to configure to turn on the heatind devices when the temperature registered in the termostate is lower than XX. Any Idea of how to configure that?
All devices are in the smartlife app and google home app too.

Thanks in advance

Here’s an article that explains how to update numeric variables in Apilio, Sergio.
And if you can export your temperature to a numeric variable in Apilio you can then monitor it with a numeric condition and Logicblock which can turn the heating device on when your thermostat goes below a certain level.
Hope that helps. DanT

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Hi @serchoner!

I’m copying here a response I sent to another user, as I think this might be helpful in your case as well:

You can build like a sliding scale of temperatures using two variables to determine in which side of the scale you are, for example between 0 and 18º degrees Celsius (this is your XX), or between 18 and 32:

0 ++++++++++ 18 ------------------ 32

  • One variable, “base_level” is set to true when the temperature is over 1.
  • A second variable, “threshold_level” is set to true when the temperature is over 18.
  • Both variables are reset to false everyday at a convenient time, or depending on your automation
  • If base_level is true, but threshold_level is false, then you are in the range between 1 and 18 (in the ++++++ area --> this is when you want to turn on the heating)
  • If both are true then you are in the range between 18 and 32 (in the ------- area)

Let us know more about how you are trying to use Apilio, and if this idea works for you, thanks!