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Is this something that can be done, or we can already do and I missed it :thinking:

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Good suggestion, this would make a nice integration option!

Hi @Drivingforce,
Apilio is not (yet) available as SmartApp on the SmartThings platform, but it would be an interesting integration for sure! :smiley:
The interface requires a bit of work though - reminds me a bit of how the integration with IFTTT is done.

@Drivingforce Interesting, do give us more details! What would you do combining SmartThings and Apilio? :nerd_face:

This suggestion was purely to right a mistake I made in my case but also a useful integration due to z-wave

I use to control my NEST thermostat via IFTTT.
I have a Netamo weather station and that had an external temperature gage. So when the temperature rose above 15C it would set my next thermostat to 9C. And when dropped below 15 C set the thermostat to 18C
Another thing was that nest took so long to realise no one was home it potentially heated an empty house so when Apilio switched to away inside to again when no one was home it set the thermostat to 9c.
If one of my rooms dropped below 15C at certain times the thermostat would turn up to 23C until the room had warmed up

I lost that functionality when I foolishly migrated Nest into google home as I thought it was needed to make google home presence sensing work :man_facepalming:

For me being able to speak to NEST would be the best solution

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Does Nest actually talk to anything aside from Google Home anymore?

Apparently so unless out of date

I think no except SmartThings.

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