Passing Temperature Values from IFTTT to Numeric Variables in Apilio

I would like actions in IFTTT to be triggered by the solving of a Logic Block in [] based on several conditions. One of the conditions I would like to use is current outdoor temperature, which I had hoped to store as a Numeric Variable in apilio; however, I can’t figure out a way to get any IFTTT service to set that variable to the current temperature. I can make the numeric variable, and I can set it using an IFTTT automation, but I cannot find a way to pass the temperature value through the IFTTT automation. I have an EcoBee thermostat already integrated with my IFTTT service, and for most other triggers I use either Date & Time scheduling or Abode changes.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Sam, thanks for the great question!

Might be worth taking a look at this article.


Hi @Sam,

I haven’t been able to find a service that would pass a temperature value from IFTTT either, I suspect there isn’t one. But you can use the actions with thresholds for temperature from EcoBee in a crafty way to trigger your logic :nerd_face:

We received this question from another user, and this might give you some ideas, they were trying to track the UV index and to turn on a light bulb when it was less than a specific threshold.

I cannot give you an exact example without knowing a bit more about your logic, but you can build like a sliding scale of temperatures using two variables to determine in which side of the scale you are, for example between 0 and 18º degrees Celsius, or between 18 and 32:

0 ++++++++++ 18 ------------------ 32

  • One variable, “base_level” is set to true when the temperature is over 1.
  • A second variable, “threshold_level” is set to true when the temperature is over 18.
  • Both variables are reset to false everyday at a convenient time, or depending on your automation
  • If base_level is true, but threshold_level is false, then you are in the range between 1 and 18 (in the ++++++ area)
  • If both are true then you are in the range between 18 and 32 (in the ------- area)

You could add more variables following the same idea to track ranges when temperatures are below 0, or have smaller ones.

Let us know more about how you are trying to use Apilio, and if this idea works for you, thanks!

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