Nested if condition

Nested if condition


I want to create nested if condition to use it with ifttt and smart life app. The logic is if I am out of my home ( Create a virtual switch to set home armed or disarmed) and some one opens the door (signal using door sensor), I should get a notification or call.


Thanks for the great question! Often people think they need a nested logic condition when in fact choosing the right evaluation trigger simplifies everything. So, for example in your case, if you use the door sensor trigger to start a logicblock evaluation of an Apilio condition (that is being updated when people arrive/leave home) then no nested logic is required.

Have a look at It's dark, I'm arriving home, turn lights on....Please and Setting up Apilio Notifications with IFTTT App for more information.

Getting started - an introduction to Apilio is also a good place to start!

Hope that helps. DanT


No this is not going to help me.
I only want arm and disarm option. In case of location based logic there can be a glitch it some one forgets a mobile phone at home.


so you use the arm/disarm event to drive your condition status and the door sensor event to trigger evaluation of the logicblock.


Yes, exactly. This is what I want to do.


Basically what I want is to use AND operator between two if conditions.


so please take a look at this article on Complex condition linking, thanks!