IFTTT Complex Setup - Help


I was trying out Apilio but ran out of time on my trial and I think I got myself all a bit confused with it as well so I was wonder if you could help?

Can you confirm if this would possibly work with the app? I know it might be quite complex but it would be ace if it would work.

So I have 2 x Web Hooks (Running in IFTTT)

First - Is pause Sonos when phone call started.

Second - Is play Sonos when phone call ended.

However my phone system can’t work out if I’m in a call or not.

So when I’m in a call and another call comes in the web hook ‘Pause’ is triggered again since the system thinks that it’s a calls started action.

The call is placed inside a queue system, however if the caller hangs up and doesn’t wait until the line is free of the current active call.

The end call web hook is triggered since the phone system classes this as end call which then in turn triggers my Sonos to play while I’m still in a call.

Would I be able to use your app to combat this issue?

So if the call was started but not ended it wouldn’t tigger the end call applet if the current session wasn’t ended ?

If you need more information please let me know I hope you can understand me.


Do you have separate triggers for the two lines? If yes, you could work with two variables in Apilio (line_1_active, line_2_active). If no, you could work with a numeric variable in Apilio and count the number of current active calls (+1 when call starts, -1 when call ends).

Either way, you should be able to implement this.
We can extend your free trial if you wish, you delete and start over with a new sign-up or you might even be able to implement it with the free plan.

If I understand your reply correctly I’d have to do it with numbers.

So could I make it trigger the IFTTT command on 0 ?

+1 Call
+1 2nd call

-1 2nd call ends
so back to 1

Then I end the current call -1 again so that = 0 ?

Thanks for your help.

I did actually find a slight flaw in the signup process you can’t link the IFTTT if you don’t use a google account or that’s my experience, when I tried to connect to my IFTTT account the only option shown was to sign in with Google. However, I got that working, I will let you know how I get on with Free plan.

A little bit of an update on my current setup, I wonder if you can think of anyway in which I can make this work because it’s a little bit complex now.

I have 3 Web Hooks

  • Incoming Call
  • Answer Call (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • End Call

I can increase the number of active incoming calls by having +1 on the incoming call web hook & I can -1 when the call ends.

However, because of how Answered calls work for both incoming & outgoing calls the first incoming call adds 2 to the system.

+1 for the incoming call

  • 1 for the answered call

This then causes the issue that the number has jumped to +2 and the end call option can only drop the value by -1.

If I make an outgoing call because this is classed as a call answered this add +1 to the system and then when I end that call it -1 (Perfect)

The issue lies when the first call is marked as an Incoming call and a call answered since it increases the number to +2.

I’ve spoken with the phone company to see if we can have a new Web Hook for just outgoing calls. But I don’t think they will be adding this unfortunately so I’d need to work out away to fix the +2 issue for the first call.

Do you have any suggestions how I could make this work?

  • PS - I have also upgraded to the paid plan of Apilio so now have full access to everything.


What if you just used the Anwer-Call trigger?
You could add a delay to resuming Sonos so that it wouldn’t immediately change when you switch from one call to another.

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Hello Pebneter,

Unfortunately that wouldn’t be able as when a 2nd call comes in it needs to increase active caller number by +1 then take it back down -1 if they don’t wait on hold and hang up the call.

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Now I’m out of ideas how to make this work unfortunately.
It is key that the information “at least on active call” is very reliable :frowning:

Thanks for your effort you got me quite close! I will have another think it isn’t quite straight for at all :frowning:.

Is there anyway to allow 1 IFTTT applet increase / decrease the value ? since when I got to developer.ifttt.com it only allows me to add the number increase / decrease once to my multi action applet ?


If you want to solve it with Apilio, you don’t necessarily need a IFTTT developer account.
We have an IFTTT action to increase or decrease a numeric value stored in Apilio: Updating numeric variables via IFTTT



Is there anyway to allow the IFTTT action to increase or decrease a numeric value stored in Apilio for 2 or more numeric value values? since it appears it’s not possible?

Not in one applet, but you can create multiple applets for the same trigger, so you can update i.e. 3 numeric variables with individual values upon one trigger.