How does the automatic evaluation of a logicblock work

When I test my logicblock it tells that the reason that it doesn’t work is
Not OK: Unmodified since 503 seconds (must be < 540)

But that isn’t something I can’t control.
Is this something hard coded , the 540 seconds ?

I created a trigger that is set via IFTT (variable to true).
This will run two logicblocks
one to enable some lights, and after a delay turn them off
and one to reset the variable to false after 30 seconds.

But it looks like when the variable is again triggered by IFTT the reset logicblock will not run because it happend to early.
How can I remove the 540 seconds threshold ?

Hey @bart,
the “unmodified since” restriction is user configurable in the conditions: How conditions work in Apilio
Just find the relevant condition in Apilio and delete the number “540” from your timing restrictions.

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A… that was the reason…
couldn’t find it.
Thank you