Quick update: tag filters are available on all pages


We know many of you have been enjoying the recent release when we introduced tag filtering on the dashboard. Thanks for all your feedback!! We are now extending the filter to all the other list pages so you can filter also your variables, conditions and logicblocks. Nice!

Filter your tags everywhere

Tags are useful to group elements that belong to the same automation, or maybe the same room or the same test! You can add tags to variables, conditions and Logicblocks.

When you are on any list, you can click on the filter option on the top right hand area of your screen, and you’ll see all your tags.

Selected tags are kept when you browse

If you have filtered for example by “kitchen lights” on any variables page, and then you navigate to the conditions or Logicblocks screen, we will keep your selection so you can see the elements relevant to that automation all over Apilio. This makes it super easy and nice to quickly check all elements belonging together.

Missing anything else in filters?

Let us know below :sunglasses: :point_down:t3: