Logicblock Troubleshooting Tips

Logicblock Troubleshooting Tips


Some ideas to help troubleshoot IFTTT integrations if Logicblocks aren’t behaving as expected

1. Check that the IFTTT Webhook URL is correct

Go to the Logicblocks page, find the logicblock that should trigger something and click on “Show”.

On the logicblock detail page you should see the action links for positive and negative results.

Click on the action link (URL begins with https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/…) to manually trigger the event on IFTTT. You should see a short confirmation message by IFTTT and your desired event as configured on IFTTT should happen (e.g. lights turn on, you get a message, …).
Make sure that the displayed Maker event is correct and actually exists! IFTTT does show this message even if you mistyped the event name. There is only an error message if the authorisation key is wrong.

2. Check the Logicblock

Go to the Logicblock detail page again. At the bottom of the printed configuration you should find a link under “Evaluate”. Click that link to manually trigger an evaluation of the Logicblock.

The Logicblock page will load again but this time with an additional blue box at the top.
The blue box tells you how Apilio evaluated the Logicblock:

  • Which conditions were fulfilled
  • If the result of the Logicblock was “Positive” or “Negative”.
  • Furthermore, the corresponding action will be triggered (if any was configured).

If the result is not what you expected: try setting the variables manually (on the variable pages) or change the conditions until you are satisfied with the result.

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