Honey I'm home!

Honey I'm home!


Notify someone if somebody arrives somewhere on a certain day

This example notifies someone via notification if somebody else (e.g. your kid) enters an area (e.g. school for detention) on certain days (in this case: Saturday or Sunday).
A user asked on Twitter how to make it - Thanks for the great idea!


Step-by-step instructions

Before you start make sure that you have connected and setup the IFTTT Maker Channel.

  1. Create a new boolean variable:
    Name it “weekend" Leave the value on “true”
    Save the variable
  2. Create a new condition:
    Name it “It’s weekend”
    The variable to check is “weekend”
    The required state is “true”
    Leave “Unmodified since” empty
    Leave “Modified within” empty
  3. Go to IFTTT and a new recipe:
    The first recipe is based on the “Date & Time” Channel and must be executed every Saturday at 1am in the morning (this is the “if”)
    The “then” of this recipe is a Maker Channel Request to the “set true” URL from the variable you created at the very beginning.
    The Method is “GET”
    Leave the other options empty
  4. Create another recipe:
    This recipe is almost the same as the one just created.
    The difference is that it should trigger on Monday at 1am and the Maker Channel action should call the “set false” URL from the variable created at the beginning
  5. Create a third recipe in IFTTT:
    The “if” is a Maker Channel event (name it “send_notification”)
    The “then” is a notification or text to your phone
  6. In Apilio, create a new logicblock:
    Give it the name “arrival_at_home”
    Check the box next to “It’s weekend”Action Settings:
    Set the IFTTT Maker Channel Event Name for the positive case to “send_notification”
    Leave the other fields empty or unchecked
    Save the logicblock and copy the “evaluate”-URL
  7. Go to IFTTT and make a new recipe:
    The “if” is the Android or iOS Location Channel and should fire every time a person with the app enters the expected area
    The “then” is a Maker Channel action which calls the logicblock-URL created in step 6

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