Help opening dual garage doors

Help opening dual garage doors


I used to use Stringify for this sequence of tasks, but of course it is gone now. Fortunately I found your App and I am sue I can do the same thing, I am just not quite sure how to get going on it. So here are three tasks I was running in Stringify. The purpose is that I have two garage doors and two cars. The goal is to open the correct garage door based on which one left and came back, using our cell phones And a virtual fence in Life 360 as presence sensors. Here I show I was doing it:


When my garage door goes up, it opens a virtual switch


When the garage door goes back down, it waits for 10 minutes and checks for my cell phone presence.

If it is gone (outside the Life 360 virtual fence) it leaves the virtual switch open. If the cell phone is still present (inside the Life360 fence), it closes the virtual switch. (The purpose for this is so that if I am just working around the house and open and close the garage door, the switch returns to the off position)


When my cell phone returns inside the Life 360 virtual fence, it checks to see if the virtual switch is open. If the switch is open then it opens my garage door. If it is not (I could have been a passenger in my wife’s car and not driving mine), then it does nothing.

I have an identical set of tasks for my wife’s garage door. Of course the one thing my set of tasks did not account for is if either of us drove the other person’s car. But I could not figure out a way to do that other than to have the vehicles have presence sensors. I bought two of the Samsung Presence sensors, but they were highly unreliable and I could never get them to work consistently.

Is this the best way to do this or is there a better way. How do I approach this in Apilio?




Hey Mike, this is a great application - we love it! We will scratch our heads a bit and see if we can come up with a suitable solution. The car detection question is also an interesting one; there must be a cool way of resolving this…