Happy 1st Birthday! To Apilio and to You

Happy 1st Birthday! To Apilio and to You

So Apilio has been a proper, grown-up company for nearly 12 months now and we feel this is a milestone worth celebrating.

In the past 12 months we’ve integrated with IFTTT, launched our Community platform (where you are currently reading this!), and more importantly brought some really talented development bods onboard.

But, as most of our user-base is spread right the way across the world we’re going to have to celebrate in a rather, ahem, distributed way. So in order to celebrate our first birthday we would like you to tell us about some of the most interesting or awesome things you have done with Apilio, or maybe the funniest (or most embarrassing)?

Let us know and the Apilio Team will choose our favourite - and guess what, you’ll win one of these amazing Apilio T-shirts to say thank you!

If you can reply to this post by 29th November 19 then we’ll decide on the best answer so whoever wins should receive their t-shirt just in time for the holiday season!


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I setup an apilio subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/apilio/) and monitor the IFTTT sub and preach the greatness of apilio as often as reasonably possible.

Oh, I also wrote this blog post which is a step by step guide to implement a much-requested use case: https://iused2besmart.wordpress.com/2019/10/29/the-new-apilio/
I’m pretty sure I’ve been accountable to at least dozens of new apilio users in the past few months.


Shared everything on twitter :slight_smile:

Best thing I did was find Apilio and the best routine in my opinion is have my nest thermostat controlled by Netamo. If if outside temperature falls below 15 degrees, someone is home set Nest to 18 degrees. If outside temp is above 18 set Nest to 9 degrees set 9 degrees if after 2230 (IFTTT time) or when last person leaves (life 360)


Thanks @jrmckins and @Drivingforce!!

Anyone else who wants to share and participate? :slight_smile: I’ve seen great examples in the community!

OK, well, well well. So after a long, tough and mentally exhausting deliberation of the two contributions, Chief of Everything (Philipp Ebneter) has decided that both @jrmckins and @Drivingforce should receive T-shirts so if you can message @DanT (me) with your address and shirt size then we will get them mailed out to you in time to wear over the holiday season…so much cooler than a red and green jumper with low-resolution elf images :sunglasses: - unless of course it’s ahem “wear a holiday jumper” day :santa:

Well done both and thanks again for all your helpful and constructive contributions. DanT

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Really stupid question. How do you message, im looking but I cannot see it

I have the same stupid question :slight_smile:

Good questions! :slight_smile:
We haven’t enabled private messages on the community, so please use the messenger embedded in the web app or send a message to support@apilio.io

Thanks for your contributions and support!

My Bad, sorry. :thinking:

Thanks @pebneter

Thanks guys, and good quality :+1:


Wow, looking good Drivingforce! Thanks for letting us know they arrived safely.

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