Delay on Logic block evaluation

Hello everyone. I’ve hunted through the discussions, but haven’t found a way to do what I want. In essence, I want to have a delay from the time the logic block is triggered to the time the evaluation is done.

I have a new Pavlok and am trying to use ifttt in order to enforce a schedule. I have two Boolean variables. One for an event has started and one for me acknowledging the event. I’m trying to get it so that 5 minutes after an event has started, if I haven’t acknowledged the event, I get one response and if I have acknowledged the event I get a different response.

The only delays I’ve found are for delaying the outcome of the evaluation, not delaying the evaluation itself. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I’ve figured out one way to do this using two logic blocks, where the first one triggered has an outcome delay of 5 minutes and then ifttt triggers the main logic block, but this isn’t very efficient.

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This little workaround is the only solution for now.
But we are working on improvements to allow such cases to be done with only one logicblock.