Complex conditions

Complex conditions



i have a problem with complex conditions. I want to evaluate the following complex conditions:


So basically i want to turn of the lights when both of us is not home or during day but only when smart mode is enabled

This does not seem to work. Is 3 levels supported? I have checked all used conditions so that is not the issue.


1 error prohibited this logicblock from being saved:
The Condition Definition is not valid. Sytnax error: There seems to be an error in the complex condition definition.

Do you know what the problem could be?

Thanks and regards,


Complex condition linking

Hi again Frank, perhaps you could have a try with the following and see if it saves?


no unfortunattely that is not working either


OK thanks Frank. We’ll check again and get back to you.



Hey Frank,
did you make sure that you also checked the boxes of the used conditions from the connected conditions list above?
If Apilio cannot match the used condition names from the definition, it won’t save it.



yes i also checked the boxes. My “solution” for now is to have a separate check of 2 booleans in a OR condition tot send a call tot ifttt. Ifttt Will do a call back tot apilio tot update the global boolean. This global boolean will be included in the original condition and that is working. However this is unnessecary traffic and logics.



I’d like to analyse this - we will contact you via e-mail.