Action every 10 minutes

I want to do something every 10 minutes. How can i accomplish this? I believe i create a numeric value, but im not sure where to go from there

Do you want to do the exact same action, without any conditions?

I just need to cycle an outlet off then on.

Ok, that should be possible.
You can create a new Logicblock that you run every hour and have 6 actions in it, each delayed by 10 minutes. In short, the steps to create are:

  • Create a new boolean variable “boolean_true” and set it to true (you will never update it - it’s just to help make sure that the Logicblock always evaluates to “true”)
  • Create a condition for the variable created and set it to “required = true”
  • Create a Logicblock, link it to the condition and create the first IFTTT actions
  • Save the Logicblock, reopen it and re-add the IFTTT action 5 times, each with a 10 minutes delay
  • Create an IFTTT applet that runs your Logicblock every our (use the service “Date & Time”)
  • Create an IFTTT applet that responds to the Logicblock action and runs whatever you like on IFTTT