Feature Requests

Add ability to receive POST requests to Apilio inbound webhooks functionality (12)
Call a logicblock from a logicblock (10)
Please add a Favicon (7)
Family Members Permission (11)
Add a reset period to a variable (2)
Native time and sunrise/sunset trigger (2)
Compare string variable to another variable (3)
Share variables, conditions and logiblocks between different accounts (4)
Add API to get variable value via HTTP GET request to Apilio (3)
Activity log for Apilio (1)
Bundled routines that can be shared (1)
Define a time-frame in Apilio (3)
Update multiple Apilio variables from a single URL (1)
Add ability to update Variables within a Logicblock action chain (1)
Negate boolean Variables / use NOT expression in complex condition linking (1)
iOS Shortcuts integration (1)
Text area to right notes (1)
Set delay to a Numeric Variable (3)
Add new comparision for numeric condition: Not equals / Different (5)
Execute an "Evaluation Trigger" within Apilio's "Action Settings" (1)
Increase the character limit on complex logic statements (1)
Random delay function request in Apilio (1)
Conditions - String compare type.. "Matches"? (1)
Nested if condition (7)
Works with nest (2)
Consider using apple-mobile-web-app-capable for the webapp (2)
Consolidation of conditions and variables (1)
Variable name as text input in Apilio IFTTT actions (4)
Automatically toggle a boolean variable after a certain amount of time (1)
Variable and Condition state logging (1)
Actively monitor timing restrictions on Conditions to trigger Logicblock evaluation (1)
Action to turn on/off other applets (1)
FIFO string queue in the cloud (1)
Log file for logic / variable states over time for debug (1)
User-friendly logic builder for UI (1)
Add the ability to do math on Variables (1)
Append String Variable (1)
Provide a detailed event/activity log within Apilio (1)
Notes Field on Variables (1)
Being able to use quotes in string comparison (1)
Re-evaluate Logicblock after a specified timeout (1)
Organising Variables (1)
Add array Variables and some missing methods (1)
Remove the trailing ".0" from integer numeric values (1)
Ability to copy/duplicate logicblocks (1)